Friday, February 27, 2009

Day of reckoning

This morning I walked into my office and
was once again reminded that we may
not pay for our indiscretions the minute we commit them,
but rather sometime in the future the
sneak up on us.

I blogged awhile ago about giving into
I purchased cookies from those dirty rotten and conniving Girl scouts.
I did so knowing that
I would not get my cookies right away.

I was safe from the effects of eating four boxes of delectable yumminess.
Safe for a time, for at that moment I caved to pressure
there were no consequences.

No added pounds.
No added sugar highs or lows.
No extra inches and no lying about
the existence of cookies in my car.

But today I had to face the consequences of my

I walked in my office only to see them.
Sitting there waiting for my gluttonous belly.
Beckoning my taste buds.
Waiting for me to cave.
I tried to be strong but
I lasted 7.25 minutes.


Kayley said...

I never got attacked by them this year! But, I was totally wanting a cookie last night, so there are pros and cons to getting out of the ring of fire that is eating a box of those yummy cookies.

Katie said...

I have mixed emotions about this. Those darn, underhanded Girl Scouts don't even come to my house. While I am ECSTATIC that I don't have to fight temptation, I would like it to be MY choice...he he he. Good luck, Jessie. The force is strong, young cookie fighter. :)

Levi and Cassie Mallory Family said...

I just caught up on all of your posts. The invitations are cute. We can't wait to celebrate the big day with you. I also wanted to let you know that I have shared the joy of a book that you long ago shared with me. I recently talked Levi into reading the Princess Bride. He loved it. It made me wo happy to share with him a book that I love so much. Thanks for loaning it to me all those years ago. Love you.

Chantalita said...

Cutely written post. Loved it.