Saturday, July 27, 2013

First Birthday

For Amelia's first birthday, we all traveled to Moab to celebrate. Ben, Brina, Mariah, and all of their kids came have fun with us. We were so glad to have most of Amelia's cousins with us. We did miss Nicole and her kids, but hopefully we can see them soon. Uncle Joe and Dean and Sue also joined us for dinner and cake. Amelia got a big kick out of Sue!

Amelia wasn't too into opening presents, but she loved playing with her new toys and books. The twins even got into the action and helped her break in her new toys.

She finally decided it was fun to rip the paper.

After a yummy dinner made by Amelia's Daddy, we let Amelia devour her very own cake.

 At first, she didn't quite know what to do. . . 

 . . . But it didn't take long to start to really dig in.

 She was even kind enough to share with Grammy.

We had a ton of fun for Amelia's birthday. It's crazy how fast this last year has gone, but we've loved every day with our little one. 

With this birthday, came the ability to walk. She watched her cousins cruising around and decided that she could do that too. She was a little timid at first, but now she barely crawls at all. With walking, came the ability to carry things and hide various objects. Somehow, my shoes have ended up in the kitchen and the guest room. 

Amelia is a little animal lover. Sometimes I think she's more excited to see General than Mommy and Daddy. For her birthday, James's parents gave her some stuffed animals and she's hardly ever without a stuffed dog, sheep, or monkey in her hands. 

She loves to eat. Bananas are her favorite. She goes crazy if she even sees a banana, it's almost fun to just tease her with a banana. She doesn't turn down any fruit and is starting to like meat a little more, but there's not much that little one will turn down.

Despite her love of food, she's still on the small side but following the growth charts pretty well, so we're not worried about her one bit. At her last Doctor's appointment, the doctor declared her as still perfect and I couldn't agree more.