Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tiny Tim Foundation

A FEW YEARS AGO my family got involved with a charity called the Tiny Tim Foundation. Each year this foundation takes food, clothing, blankets, and hope to the residents of Ascension, Mexico.
This year, the Tiny Tim Foundation is unable to take volunteers to Mexico to serve the sweet people who reside there.
The state of Chihuahua has erupted in violence with over 1,500 drug related deaths in the area in since January 2007.
Death toll in Mexico's drug war surges Attorney General Eduardo Medina Mora says 5,376 people have been killed so far in 2008, more than twice the toll for the first 11 months of 2007--Los Angeles Times, Dec 9, 2008
Every year, it is my heart's desire to travel to Mexico and serve the people who reside there. To see a glimmer of hope in their eyes that the world is not all harsh.

Please pray for the people in Mexico. Most of them are not the ones we see. They are living in their own country and trying to take care of their own families on meager wages. Most of them have little hope for the future. This drug war is not their doing, but it is causing them to suffer. They need our prayers and our assistance.

The Tiny Tim Foundation is providing as much assistance as possible and everyone wishes that next year brings peace to that land so that the Tiny Tim Foundation may do what it set out to do and help these wonderful people.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Is it really Christmas?

This Christmas
I haven't exactly been feeling the Christmas Spirit.
Maybe it's because I haven't decorated my apartment yet.
Or because James and I opted for no tree this year.
Or because I'm dieting and not partaking of all the good yumminess at work.
It could be that I'm not going home for Christmas
for the first time in my life or that
I did all of my shopping online.
Maybe my head is too filled with Wedding preparations to let
in some red and green cheer.
It's possible that I'm working too much to really notice that it's the
jolliest time of the year.
And there's always the theory
that my head isn't screwed on just right.
It could be, perhaps, that my shoes are too tight.
Whatever the reason, I've been in a
void where Christmas hasn't reached.
They're all there, the sights and sounds of the Season.
What's wrong with me?
Have I forgot the reason?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Gathering the Cows

Instead of shopping on "Black Friday" my family went looking for cows.

It was Cold. And Snowy. And Wet.

And some of us looked a little worse for the wear.

But we did get to see some interesting things.

Like James on a horse.

The boys showing off.

And the most amazing scenery the West has to offer.

The cows we were after are a wild bunch and all told it took two days and no less than nine cowboys to bring in one cow. The optimal outcome would have been to find and gather all the cows that were left, but that one caveat aside, we had a great time building memories, getting bruised, and working together.

Instead of shopping on "black Friday" my family went searching for cows . . .

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In the news today . . .

It has really been bothering me lately that this is a top headline:

While I have to search for information on this:

What has happened to important news?