Monday, December 8, 2008

Gathering the Cows

Instead of shopping on "Black Friday" my family went looking for cows.

It was Cold. And Snowy. And Wet.

And some of us looked a little worse for the wear.

But we did get to see some interesting things.

Like James on a horse.

The boys showing off.

And the most amazing scenery the West has to offer.

The cows we were after are a wild bunch and all told it took two days and no less than nine cowboys to bring in one cow. The optimal outcome would have been to find and gather all the cows that were left, but that one caveat aside, we had a great time building memories, getting bruised, and working together.

Instead of shopping on "black Friday" my family went searching for cows . . .


Kayley said...

very cool! Searching for cows would have been preferable to my "Black Friday", which consisted of not doing anything!

Canyon Chica said...

You are a brat. Your gathering cows page looks much better than mine.