Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fun videos

Amelia is growing so big and is being so cute that we just have to share a couple videos.

Here she was just paying with a toy and couldn't figure out how to squeak the squeaky ball. Sufficient to say, she found a way.

At my parents, she found a little wagon and really enjoyed being pushed in it.

This month she turned 9 months. Oh how the time flies. At her 9 month checkup, she was 16 pounds 1 oz and was 26 inches long. Right about the 15th percentile overall. Today she started clapping her hands and yesterday, she started climbing the stairs. She can wave bye (when she wants to), and we can hardly keep up with her crawling. She can be a little stinker and is starting to show a little bit of a temper. If she doesn't want something, she'll take it from you and throw it away. But she is a happy little girl most of the time and is a joy to be around.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A trip to the zoo

James and both had time off, so we decided to take our Little Miss to the zoo. The aquarium and the gorillas were the biggest hits, but she seemed to enjoy looking at all the animals and when she wasn't watching the animals, she was busy people watching.

We started in the jungle. We thought she'd be excited about the monkey's but they weren't very active and she wasn't too interested in much at the jungle. But she did like looking at all the water that was there.

After the jungle, we hit up the aquarium. Amelia loved the aquarium. She was especially captivated by the jellyfish.

She was happy to share her Cheerios with the ginormous koi.

And she liked the sea lions and lemurs.

 And she loved the gorillas

That is until one actually looked at her.

The giraffes were cool too

After all that sightseeing, there was only one thing for a little girl to do . . .

Take a siesta on the way back to the car.