Friday, December 18, 2009

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas

James and I are really getting into the Christmas Spirit this year. He went out and got a real tree for me and even tried to get it as "Charlie Brown" as possible. For some reason you can't find a good sparse tree in this area, but he did his best (Oh and we won't mention that it has more tops than a Hanukkah Festival and that there's no way it will ever stand up straight because at least he tried). We've been making candies and banana bread for the neighbors and playing so many Christmas songs it should be illegal. We've also been having a ton of fun buying and hiding presents from each other. Okay, he's not so good at hiding them (ahem, the unwrapped ones may or may not be in the coat closet but I won't peek), but I don't think he's found my stash yet (heh heh heh).

I am absolutely loving this Christmas Season. It's great to spend time with my husband and bring the spirit of Christmas into our home. Who knew the holiday season could be so wonderful?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Aftermath of a Blizzard

Last night we had a blizzard. I've survived two of them now and this time, I was smart enough not to go outside or try to drive ANYWHERE. When we woke up this morning, here's what we found.

Luckily, today is James's day off and he tried to dig me out so that I could get to work. Unfortunately (or fortunately) there was too much snow and we couldn't get the Mini out of our parking space. So here I am, working or blogging or whatever from home today.

The last chapter to our morning is what a pansy this little guy is

General would only go outside long enough to do his business and in the course of that the silly dog kept running up to the door and whining to be let in. I thought he'd had a grand old time being outside and running through the snow (yesterday, he played in the eight inches we got), but today, he would have none of it. I do have a pansy little house dog. Here is the one picture I could get of him outside while James shoveled our walk and the neighbor's walk.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Only something short of a miracle could help me take this:

And turn it into this:

I don't know what came over me, but I decided that I needed to make a dress for my brother's wedding. Now this wouldn't be weird for some people, but my sewing machine and I aren't really friends. In fact, I haven't sewn a dress since the fourth grade. But I decided I needed to try my hand at it again. I picked up a pattern that I thought looked pretty easy and some fabric and got started.

It took a lot of frustration, a couple of nights after work, and a few calls to people who really know how to sew (Thanks to my mother, mother in law, and Aunt Marion) to complete the dress, but I actually did it.

I'm really happy that I was able to complete the dress and may even do it again, but it may wait awhile.