Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Only something short of a miracle could help me take this:

And turn it into this:

I don't know what came over me, but I decided that I needed to make a dress for my brother's wedding. Now this wouldn't be weird for some people, but my sewing machine and I aren't really friends. In fact, I haven't sewn a dress since the fourth grade. But I decided I needed to try my hand at it again. I picked up a pattern that I thought looked pretty easy and some fabric and got started.

It took a lot of frustration, a couple of nights after work, and a few calls to people who really know how to sew (Thanks to my mother, mother in law, and Aunt Marion) to complete the dress, but I actually did it.

I'm really happy that I was able to complete the dress and may even do it again, but it may wait awhile.


marionh said...

and it turned out beautiful, you forgot to mention that. Might need to take up a few more sewing projects.

Katie said...

Jessie, I LOVE it! Nice work! I should get reacquainted with MY sewing machine. : )