Thursday, February 26, 2009

Moving Mini style

James and I have been packing up my stuff and hauling it away to his house faithfully every night for the last week or so. It's been great to pack boxes and get them gone. Somehow that makes me feel more productive than leaving tons and tons of boxes laying around the house.

The one setback we have is that we've been using James's Mini Cooper to haul boxes away each night. This means that we have one huge limiting factor in how much can be packed in a single day. It has really hindered our progress. Of course the Mini is the only limiting factor. It couldn't be that things aren't getting packed quickly because we had to watch Heroes on Monday, or Tuesday we sat down to cuddle and fell asleep for an hour. Stuff like that hasn't been happening every night for the past week. The packing is going so slow because we can only haul boxes away in a Mini. Ya, that's totally it.

1 comment:

Kayley said...

Heehee! No, that couldn't be it at all! I am definetely siding with the fact that his car is too small! haha!