Wednesday, February 25, 2009

30 days and counting

Today officially marks 30 days before James and I get married. It's crazy that the wedding is this close. When we got engaged in September it seemed like the wedding was so far away. In fact it was so far away that I figured I didn't need to do a whole lot of planning at that point. Well, that was about six months ago and now the wedding is so close that it's becoming a real event.

To date, the wedding has been an abstract event. It's been floating out there in the ether--an intangible dream. I've been planning and paying for the wedding. I've sent out invitations and purchased a dress, but that was all for some fairy tale that is supposed to come true. It hit me today, as I was staring at the wedding countdown on Facebook, that this is REAL. I really get to marry James. I really get to wear the dress and hug the guests. I'm staring down barrel of 30 days. One month. 720 hours. 43,200 minutes. Once that time elapses, I'll have a blur of a day filled with I do's, tears, hugs, pictures, and happiness. 30 days. There is so much to do and yet so little to finish planning. This is an day that will mark a lifetime and begin an Eternity and it's real. It's so real that I can taste the joy that will accompany it. 30 days . . .

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Kayley said...

I love that you counted the hours and minutes! Congrats, you deserve it!