Wednesday, February 18, 2009


LAST WEEKEND my Dad made it to Nebraska for a few short hours--Just long enough to go through the Winter Quarters Temple with James and to whisk Nicole back to Utah. I'm really sad to see her go. It's been so good to get to know my little sister again. I had so much fun living, working, and playing with my sister. She really is an exceptional woman and I'm going to miss being able to see her often.

Nicole's leaving has given me a chance to ponder her coming. Two years ago Nicole was not a happy person. She was hurting on the inside and was determined not to let anyone in to help her heal. At that time, I had just graduated law school and was starting to prepare for the bar but I just couldn't get the prompting out of my head to invite her to come live with me. I figured it was fruitless because I'd tried multiple times before and was rebuffed. It just kept bugging me that she needed to be in Nebraska, so I decided to offer her a place to live one more time. Of course the invitation was declined, but a week or so later, my mother mentioned that Nicole was actually considering moving. Nicole wasn't ecstatic about it, but she made up her mind to move to Omaha.

Things were rough when she first got here. Nicole really didn't want to be in Omaha and she was still determined not to let her heart heal. One night, we even had a huge blow up fight and I thought I'd lost her. She was going to move back to Utah and I knew she needed to stay here. I felt terrible and am so glad that she didn't go home that day.

After Nicole had been here a few weeks, our relationship improved and we started having fun together (can we say all night Bubble Bobble tournaments?). That's when it happened. We went to a multi-stake activity and she met HIM. Creighton Nelson: recent returned missionary, dental assistant, the man she would eventually marry. Before long it was evident that Nicole would not be leaving at the end of the summer. She lived with me until January 4, 2008 when she was sealed to Creighton in the Salt Lake Temple. After that, I didn't see her quite as much, but I always knew that my sister was close and if I needed anything that she was there.

During the time that Nicole was here she was my roommate, my assistant at work, a pain in the rear, the comic relief, a growing sister in the gospel, and most important she was my friend. I thank my Heavenly Father for the time I've been able to spend with her while she resided in Omaha and have been given a greater respect for my youngest sister. I miss her.


Chantalita said...

You know Jessie, I am so amazed by how much the Lord guides your life. Like the time we both got the prompting to be roommates. Like the way one of my blessings in 2001 was nearly quoted by you verbatim in a g-mail chat. Like the way Allison's answer to prayer is 2/3's answered. You really are a special person, and so very loving. I am sure it doesn't always feel that way to you, but reading this, and thinking on my experiences with you, it is so evident to me.

Canyon Chica said...

You forgot to pass out the tissue box before I read that. Wow! You both are amazing! How about both of you move to St. George so we all can be close and have sister time. That sounds like a really good idea to this sister.

k. lee said...

I loved reading this. It's a re-read.