Friday, February 13, 2009

Big Oopps

The following is a copy of the ticket that I purchased for my father to fly from Grand Junction, Colorado to Omaha, Nebraska. We're really excited about his trip because he's coming out to be with James as James receives his Endowment in the Winter Quarter's Temple and to pack up Nicole and take her home while Creighton's at Basic Training.

Frontier Airlines Reservation Code: DQBHLM
Ticket number: 4222162239586
Issuing airline: FRONTIER AIRLINES
Date issued: 06FEB09


From: GRAND JUNCTION, CO Departs:955A
To: DENVER, CO Arrives:1058A

Seat: Check-In Required

Not valid before: 13MAR
Not valid after: 13MAR
Fare basis: T21SBXI5

Operated by : LYNX AVIATION

From: DENVER, CO Departs:1150A
To: OMAHA, NE Arrives: 213P

Seat: Check-In Required

Not valid before: 13MAR
Not valid after: 13MAR
Fare basis: T21PXW5

When I found Dad's ticket, I was so excited because it was such a good deal and everyone had been looking, but couldn't find one that was affordable. I was a smart cookie and decided to go to The first thing I found was this $139.00 ticket. Talk about ecstatic. I called Dad and we booked it right then and there.

Dad got to Grand Junction this morning all safe and sound, but was a little surprised that he didn't have a seat on the airplane. His bright daughter booked the tickets for the WRONG MONTH. Who does that? Normal people schedule things for the wrong time of day, not a whole wrong month. Only someone with my oopps skills can accomplish such a thing.

Well, multiple phone calls and counter agents later, Dad booked himself a flight out of Grand Junction for today that will get him to Omaha on time to do everything that we've got planned for him in a short 12 hour period. And on the bright side, the ticket agent for Frontier said that the ticket was refundable or could be used toward the purchase of another ticket (say one to come see me in April?). So all is not lost. I just feel sheepish and will probably be the butt of many jokes to come.


Kayley said...

Don't feel bad, one time I had no idea that my plates were dead and I got pulled over with my dad in the car. Apparently, I had my music up too loud and didn't hear the sirens. I had two cops with guns pulled come up to the window and I had no idea why. He was sure I knew, my dad just sat there shaking with laughter. I still haven't lived that one down.

Kurt and Jasmine said...

You're right, that one will not die down for quiet a while. You're only hope is that someone else does something to draw the attention off of you! Good Luck :)