Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Messy Hair

These days it seems that messy hair is all the rage. You'd think that I'd be absolutely into the messy hair craze. I mean, I am Messy Jessie, right. It should go with the territory. I have to admit that I've tried my hand at the tussled look. I've spent endless hours curling, teasing, and hairspraying to get that "I rolled out of bed looking amazing" look, but to no avail. I try to look like a celebrity, but rather than getting the trusses of Hedi Klum, I end up looking like Phyliss Diller.

1 comment:

Kayley said...

I think not! She is scary looking, where did you find that pic!? You are beautiful, Jessie, don't let anyone tell you different! : )