Thursday, March 12, 2009

In the Jail house now

General came to us kennel trained. It has been a huge blessing. Every night around ten, we take him out to potty and then he willingly goes in his kennel. He usually goes in, turns around once, and falls asleep (as is evident by his incessant snoring). Sometimes he does just lay there and watch us, but he never whines once he's put down for the night.

Saturday night, General fell asleep on the floor while James and I watched a movie. We woke him up and took him outside. I think he was a still a little groggy when we put him down for the night. Instead of just passing out again, he sat in his kennel looking like the little jailbird you see above. He typically moves when we come toward his kennel, but that night, he just laid there, resting his head on the bars. We couldn't help but take pictures. After quite a while, General stood up, turned around, and fell fast asleep. But I just had to show off my cute little groggy jailbird.


Kayley said...

I'm very torn as to whether this is adorable or sad! I can't decide.

Spacey Stacy said...

Oh my gosh! That is almost as bad as Parker's eyes at the airport. Thanks for the cute picture.

Katie said...

AWWWWW. Jessie, he's SOOO cute! He even looks like he's got a sad little down-turned mouth. Poor General.