Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I heart Troy!

Don't worry, I haven't become some creepy 28 year old fanatic for the High School Musical juggernaut. Rather I'm the number one fan of Troy the (self proclaimed) hair god and owner of Fringes in the Old Market.

I've been solely dedicated to having him as my hairstylist for going on three years now and have never been disappointed with his work. I've even had occasions where I walk in and say "Troy I'm sick of my hair. I want it this long--the rest is up to you." And then his pulls out his scissors and combs and in an Edward Scissorhandsesque motion, a beautiful masterpiece is created out of my once lifeless hair.

I've even begun to trust Troy with coloring my hair a little. Give it something different. In September 2007 he put in strawberry blond highlights that looked amazing. They were so natural looking that when they grew out, nobody was the wiser. I decided for the wedding we needed to duplicate those highlights but with a little more red. Troy, the magical genius that he is, pulled it off.

This time the highlights are a little more red than I had anticipated. Now I've got more of a coppery tone in my hair, but I love it. Once again, Troy has turned my dull hair into something worthy of more than just a ponytail. I so heart Troy.

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Canyon Chica said...

I have been wanting to go really dark for about a year now. Can I do it for the wedding? You colored yours!