Monday, March 23, 2009


Saturday I finally got bridals taken. My friend, Kara, took me out to her parent's farm and we snapped pictures for about 4 hours. So many of them turned out great. I'd love to post them all, but James has a habit of checking my blog and we all know that the groom can't see the dress before the wedding. So, one pic will have to suffice until after the wedding.

Kara and I had a great time just trying every pose we could think of and using a variety of jewelry and backgrounds. We shot at the farm, at an abandoned theater, and downtown Fremont, Nebraska. Kara has a great eye and took some amazing pictures. I am so glad that she sacrificed her whole Saturday to help me out. The weather was perfect and even the wind cooperated. Things couldn't have turned out better!

We did have one adventure. When we were done with pictures in Fremont, I needed to get out of the dress. The only halfway safe and clean place we could find was a Runza. So we pulled up and I hiked across the parking lot and into Runza wearing a wedding dress. We did get some funny looks when we went into the restaurant, but didn't really care much. We beelined it to the restrooms and proceeded to strip layer by layer out of the wedding dress. After changing into more normal and acceptable Saturday attire, we headed out of the restaurant, taking care not to look anyone in the eyes.

All in all we took almost 200 pictures, 65 of which look great. I can't wait to get copies of all of them and post more photos of my fantastic dress. In the mean time--James, eat your heart out.


Kayley said...

I love it, you look beautiful! Can't wait to see the rest!

Chantalita said...

Beautiful pic Jessie. I look forward to the pics when they are posted. Only a few days left!! Crazy, it used to seem light years away.

Kurt and Jasmine said...

Thats a great picture! I guess I'll see you in two days!! YEA for YOU!!!!

Spacey Stacy said...

Oh my goodness that is so beautiful. I can't wait util the wedding. I love the background.