Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Word Game

When I think back on my law school experience, I don't think I actually wanted to be a lawyer until after I graduated law school and even now there are those days when I wonder what I was thinking.

While in law school there were defiantly days, weeks, and maybe even a whole semester where the only reason I stayed in school was because I knew I owed so much in student loans that I had to graduate just to survive in the real world. But now, I'm working in a job I love (most days) and wouldn't give up my law school experience for anything.

As I was browsing the Volokh Conspiracy this afternoon, I ran across this video of the comedian Demetri Martin speaking about his two years of law school. It's quite funny. I hope you enjoy.

PS-When I link my blog to facebook, the video links don't always work. Just click on "Go to original post" and you'll be able to watch the video.

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