Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Anniversary to us

On Saturday, James and I celebrated our first anniversary. Okay, so we actually celebrated all weekend long. It was the perfect weekend.

James got rid of the dog for the weekend so that we'd have no worries all weekend and started our weekend long date by taking me to dinner on Friday. We went to a nice steakhouse, (what can I say, the boy knows me). We got dressed up and got to eat yummy steak and lobster. James even bought me dessert. Dinner itself took a good two hours, so it was nice to sit and talk and look at my good lookin' man.

James also surprised me with a gorgeous diamond necklace, flowers, and chocolate dipped fruit. In his words, he "hit all the bases, diamonds, dinner, flowers, and chocolate." He was pretty impressed with himself. And I have to admit that I was impressed too. Although, he did tell me I may not get all four again--I'll be lucky to get two in the future. :)

James put a lot of thought into my gifts. He made sure the flowers came from the same place that he got the flowers when we got engaged. He researched the restaurant and paid attention to a million other details. I just have to smile every time I think of how effort he put into our anniversary.

For our actual anniversary, we didn't do much. We just went to breakfast at our favorite breakfast restaurant, Amato's and then went to walk around the mall and watch a movie. It was so much fun just to spend time with my husband and not care about real life. When Monday rolled around it was so hard to let James go to work and not be right by his side.

This last year has been amazing and it was topped off with the perfect weekend spent with my husband. I love you James.


Spacey Stacy said...

You are such a lucky girl! and deserve every minute of it! Love you and James both, we are so lucky to have such a great guy join our family.

Chantalita said...

Points for James!! I am so glad you ended up with someone as sweet as you are.