Friday, April 30, 2010


On Wednesday night, I made James endure watching all three hours of Hamlet. Great Performances on PBS was showcasing Hamlet staring David Tennant and Patrick Stewart and since we only have about six working channels, I decided to watch it (Oh and I totally LOVE David Tennant). I was expecting a good performance, but I thought this version of Hamlet was superb. I've seen the Mel Gibson Hamlet (uugg), and the Kenneth Branagh version (tolerable), but this version was so emotional and well done. It's by far my favorite. The acting was amazing and David Tennant brought so much wit and energy to the part that I was just memorized. They did do it in mostly modern dress, but it just fit this performance so well, that it wasn't distracting at all.

One of the best things about this production, other than David Tennant of course, is the use of the cameras. Some shots switch back and forth between a security camera and the main camera. This added effect gives and eerie feeling to may scenes and adds so much dimension.

There aren't many movies that get me this excited and I highly recomend watching this version of Hamlet when you have an extra three hours to spare. It is worth the time (oooh, I just checked and it is available on netflix, so you have no excuse).

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