Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Crayon Box Jacket

I started knitting when Nicole was on bed rest because I wanted something to do when I went over to visit and we'd just sit for hours. I taught myself the basics and proceeded to make a hat, scarf, and washcloth. Then I kind of forgot about knitting for a while and got distracted with getting married and starting a life with James. But in the last few months, things have slowed down a bit and I decided that I wanted to get really good at knitting. So I signed up for a class at my local yarn store and proceeded to make a Crayon Box Jacket. It's a bolero jacket made with thousands of feet of yarn and many many different kinds of yarn. It was so much fun to make even though it took 75 + hours to complete (Okay about the time I had one and a half rows of squares left, I was ready to be done, but I persevered and completed the jacket). I don't think I've every completed any kind of handiwork in my life and am proud to have finished this jacket.

Front of the jacket

Back of the jacket

Close up of the metered squares

Now I'm on to making lacy hats, a heatwave sweater, and a cardigan. Wish me luck!


marion said...

so cute, good job, i love when i actually finish something..

Mariah said...

That's why mom was so worried she was going to get knited socks for Mother's Day.