Thursday, March 11, 2010

Is he a dog or a cat?

A few days ago, General noticed I had placed a basket of yarn in the living room. It immediately became his mortal enemy. He paced for a good hour and a half just barking and growling at the threat which I had placed in HIS living room. He would even flinch if so much as moved the basket.

I guess General must have won the battle with the yarn basket because he now thinks it is his personal toy box. Last night he kept trying to grab a ball of purple yarn, so I wasn't too surprised (still upset, but not surprised) when I came downstairs this morning to find this scene.

By the way, in this last picture, General is trying to "kill" the yarn. He seems to think that he has to vigorously shake everything he puts in his mouth. It can be quite comical.

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Tenacious Tara said...

hello! Adorable pug! I stumbled onto your blog, I'm from Nebraska so I just thought it was interesting that I found a blog so close to home. :)