Friday, February 26, 2010

Ten things NOT to say when meeting with your attorney

1. “Can you pretend not to know about my boat/car/horse/money?”
2. “My last attorney was an incompetent idiot that really screwed me over.”
3. “Um, a, would you like to go get drinks sometime?”
4. “Sorry this is an important call.”
5. “You never told me I have to make my mortgage payment.”
6. “Can I just forge his signature?”
8. “Do you have facebook?”
9. “I need this done right now.”

And my personal favorite . . .

10. “Sorry, [my daughter] has a fever and a cough so the babysitter canceled.”


Jenette said...

Holy Cow!! Those people should get the Darwin Award for lack of intelligence!! I think when it comes to funny work stories, I think you take the cake being an attorney. You seriously need to write a book. This is hilarious!

Katie said...

My favorite, by far, is number two. How dumb do they think you are?!

Chantalita said...

I completely agree with number one!

My other favorite:

How is the government going to know? (Still not o'k to lie about it kids, sorry...there is that whole 'penalty of perjury' thing that gets you every time.)