Thursday, February 18, 2010

Things I'll just never understand

1. How Kevin Costner has ever been billed as an actor.

2. Blow up lawn ornaments--because gnomes aren't tacky enough.

3. Runza. People (My husband) actually eat that stuff.

4. Office politics. Can't we all just do our work?

5. Created or Saved.

6. I can gain 5 pounds in one day, but take two weeks to get it off.

7. Where Human Rights Watch gets its legitimacy.

8. The minute I got married, facebook started to bombard me with healthy pregnancy/child rearing adds. As if a newlywed doesn't get it enough from real people, facebook has to get in the "you must have a child right now" mix.

9. The inability to never get out of high school. See #4.

10. American Idol beat both the Olympics and Lost this week.

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