Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh what fun it is to have . . . bedding that fits.

James and I have been fighting since the day Nebraska turned cold. Now, we don't argue (much) and have a pretty good marriage in the daytime, but the minute we'd go to bed the fighting would begin. There would be tugging and pulling and yes, even a little crying.

You see-- we sleep on a full bed, but since neither of us actually had full sized blankets, we just threw on all the twin sized blankets that we could find. Well, a few weeks ago, we decided we had had enough. We both had the day off and decided it was time to do some bedding shopping. Luckily we went in January when you can get bedding at amazing deals. We were so happy with the prices that we got matching drapery too.

It took a lot of shopping around, but we finally decided on this brown and green combo. Manly, yet cute. We were so happy to shed the bed of the twin sized blankets and finally put on bedding that fit. I tell you what, we've never slept so warm and there hasn't been a fight since.

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