Friday, August 20, 2010

Alaskan Cruise (Monday)

Monday morning we disembarked in Ketchikan, Alaska. James and I had signed up to take the Misty Fjords sightseeing trip. Once more, I have to say, it was amazing.

As we were leaving Ketchikan, we saw a pod of Orca Whales. Evidently, Orcas had been absent from Ketchikan for several weeks due to a red tide, so the guides were all really excited to see the whales and the tourists were just plain excited to see whales period.

The fjords themselves were magnificent. Being a desert dweller and now a Midwesterner, I've never seen how a glacier can carve a landscape. These fjords rise out of the ocean to 2,000 feet and plunge another 1,000 under the water.

The major landmark in the Misty Fjords is New Eddystone Rock. Somehow this basalt formation escaped being worn down by the glaciers.

It was also during this trip that we discovered our camera was only taking what pictures it wanted to and was saving some pictures like this:

Sadly, we don't have all the pictures we took in the first three days of the cruise. We think we had a bum SD card. Luckily, we had a spare on the ship.

We were able to walk around Ketchikan for a couple of hours before we boarded this ship. Alas, no pictures turned out from the town. Not even the one of the Sam McGee Store. It's a shame.

Once we got back to the ship, we ate dinner (of course) and just relaxed while watching the sunset.

Can you tell that these clouds were my favorite scenery in the trip?

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