Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Alaska Cruise (Saturday)

I'm finally getting around to blogging about the vacation we took from July 24th through the 31st. I think it's been a bit daunting to try and start. There's just so much to write about. We had an amazing time cruising up to Alaska and enjoying the amazing scenery that the inside passage and southern Alaska. Over the next few days, I'll get the whole thing up.

We boarded the ship in Seattle on the 24th and immediately did what EVERYONE else did and found food. Looking at people (us probably included) you'd think this was the only meal they'd get on board. Everyone's plates were just so full.

After we ate, attended the mandatory emergency briefing, and were allowed into our staterooms, we unpacked and then set about the ship taking photos and getting a lay of the land. Most of the following pictures came from just outside Seattle.

Last look at Mt. Rainier from the back of the ship.

We watched the sunset and tried to stay up to watch all the stars come up, but we'd been up so long that by 10:30, we were completely tuckered out and turned in for the night.

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