Friday, November 7, 2008

Why I love Mormon Women

Yesterday was one of those days where I really
appreciated the way
that Mormons are willing to serve.

The first incident occurred at the gym when I ran into a woman, Sister Dryden, that I barely know. She was asking me how things were going and about wedding plans. As we were talking she first offered me some advice that I can really take to heart: "Keep it simple."
Second, she offered to help in the kitchen. I've been stressing over who to ask. Back home there are so many family members and close friends who just show up and pitch in, but in Nebraska, I don't have that resource. So it almost made me cry that Sister Dryden so readily volunteered. But then again,
Mormons are just like that.
They see a need and they jump right in. It doesn't matter if you're family, friends, or
just some random girl who they run into at the gym.
The second incident involves the love of the Relief Society. Nicole has been having some problems with her pregnancy and was given Doctor's orders to stay in bed for at least a week
(don't worry, at this time, Nicole and the baby are fine).
I would love to be there all the time to cook and clean for her, but with my responsibilities, I'm not able to be there every night and Creighton's been working double shifts at the restaurant, so he can't take care of her all the time either. My mother suggested calling her Relief Society President. After about 10 phone calls, I got her number and gave Sister Cotton a call. When I finished explaining the situation, she was so willing to organize dinners and company and anything else Nicole needs (crud, I just started crying thinking of it). The members of her ward are there for her when those of us who know her and love her can't be.
It's that kind of love and willingness to sacrifice
time, jello, and funeral potatoes
that really shows the love between

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Spacey Stacy said...

I too love Mormon Women. I am so glad that you are being taken care of.