Sunday, November 30, 2008

Here we sit.

Once again I find myself delayed at the Denver airport. I haven't figured out how I manage to get delayed every single trip I take through Denver. This time I have a tired James and a grumpy General (yes, the General is coming back to live in Omaha). Why is General grumpy, you ask? Well, in order to travel as an extra carry on, we have to stuff him in his very own doggy duffel bag. General hates the duffel bag. We fight every time he goes in it, then he just pouts the whole flight. Poor little guy. I try to make the best of the situation and just enjoy the confused looks I get when my bag barks or tries to roll away.


Kayley said...

you should try taking him out on a leash. Do they let you do that inside? As for a grumpy fiance', I have no frame of reference!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you had to deal with all that. I am also sorry that I didn't hear from you while you were in Moab. Now I'm gonna pout. Just kidding. But really...Next time you're here, I'd love to see you, and meet James!

Spacey Stacy said...

So sorry that you are delayed, just keep thinking at least I had luggage while in Moab, and I got to see my most favorite cousin ever (Plus her cute husband and wild kids.) We stopped by your house to say good-bye, but we had already missed you. So good-bye, we love you and are already missing you and James.