Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Presents for Ben & Brina

This year James and I had Ben and Brina for Christmas. I asked Brina for a Christmas list and warned the girl that she was getting socks for Christmas if she didn't give me a list. Well, guess who didn't give me a list. Maybe she'll listen next time :)

Despite the picture, the socks are actually a really pretty purple rather than blue. The shell pattern was fun and easy too. And I have to admit, they're not too bad for my first (completed) pair of socks.

I also decided to make two of their other gifts. One was a picture of the Salt Lake Temple set on a mirror and a wall hanging of framed burlap that says "For this child I prayed . . ." which is from 1 Samuel 1:27.

 It was fun to be crafty this Christmas and give Ben & Brina gifts from the heart, but I think I've used up all my craftiness for the next year.

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Kurt and Jasmine said...

What great gifts. I love the "I prayed for this child" picture. Nice socks too!