Thursday, September 2, 2010

Alaskan Cuise (Thursday and Friday)

We spent most of Thursday at sea and pulled into port about 4:30 pm. We stopped in Prince Rupert, Canada. Truth be told, it was almost a wasted port. One person on the ship commented that we stopped there just so the company could say that they had a foreign port. We didn't do any excursions because we had already done so many and there really weren't any interesting ones offered. The town of Prince Rupert was boring. It had a rinky dink museum (with a $12 admission), and a couple of stores. The map showed a mall, but that turned out to be a hardware store and two or three clothing stores. James and I busied ourselves by finding an Internet cafe and checking out facebook. We did find one interesting totem pole.

And as you can see from this picture of the one big street in downtown, there wasn't much else.

Friday was an "at sea" day. So we just relaxed and enjoyed some down time. James did want to document a few things about the ship such as

The Grand Atrium


The plethora of hand sanitizers on board


The elevators he never got to use because I insisted we take the stairs.


The super cheesy artwork in the stairways

And of course

The pug magnet we used to remind us which door was ours.


Mariah said...

I love the pug magnet. Not because it is a pug but because it was so you knew which little room was yours. :)

Kurt and Jasmine said...

Your cruise looked amazing! I think my favorite thing about our cruise was all the good food you could eat all day!