Wednesday, September 16, 2009


My Uncle Mike stole grapes. He came right up to my father's vine and took them without even asking. He even recruited my husband in his dirty deed. Neither of them mentioned that the grapes had been filched. The only reason my family knew that he had taken them was that his wife, Chris, was silly enough to thank us for giving them the grapes.

Okay, so Mike didn't really steal the grapes, he just took them without asking, knowing full well that was absolutely acceptable. That's the beauty of my family. If we need something, someone is always there to give it. Whether it's a service such as coming over at midnight to "take care" of a raccoon that my father can't get (by the way, evidently crutches, a gun, a flashlight, and a raccoon aren't the best combination) or if it's needing grapes so your wife has something to serve guests, our family is always there for one another. We help each other build cabins, gather cows, feed animals, pull out stuck vehicles, and a host of other services. It's always done with no expectation of compensation, no expectation of reward--just the knowledge that someone (literally) helped his brother.

As far as families go, I think I've got the best and that only gets cemented every time I see one of my uncles help another. The service and love that is offered in my family cannot be beat.


Jenette said...

Ha, ha, just picturing your dad with crutches, his gun and flashlight trying to get a raccoon, just makes me laugh! Don't you just love how dang independent our father's are!? I also like the practical jokes they like to play on each other. Poor Grandma! I think all those boys did her in! (hee, hee)

Spacey Stacy said...

I love your post Jessie, our family really is the best. When we found out that we needed to move we called your Dad asked him to look around for a place for us. He spent the whole day making phone calls and looking for us. My boss was teasing me while I was on the phone with your Dad, and your Dad told him to knock it off because I was his favorite, and he (my boss) would have heck to pay if he treated me wrong. AREN'T WE LUCKY TO ALL BE THE FAVORITES, AND TO HAVE SUCH AWESOME UNCLES

Levi and Cassie Mallory Family said...

I couldn't agree more Jessie. And might I add that oldest daughters rock!!