Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I have a confession to make and it's time I come out and admit it. I've been a closet NPR and PRI (yes, there is a difference) fan for about two years. I was so ashamed for so long to listen to such a *gasp* liberal station. And there are some things that I get too frustrated to listen to (usually just "On-Point"), but the bulk of the programing is so insightful I just can't help myself. I have to listen.

My week's just not complete without "This American Life" or "A Prairie Home Companion." I get so interested in the stories they tell. How can you be bored with the likes of Ira Glass being broadcast through the radio? Oh and the news, the glorious news. Where else does one hear news stories about the trial of the one surviving gunman from the Mumbi attacks? I'm a news junky and there is no website or other radio station with more real news.

There you have it. I am an addict. I listen to my local NPR station. I listen in the morning. I listen in the evenings. I even listen all day Saturday. I'd listen at work if I could. And like all addicts, I feel a need to get other addicted. Knowing that it can become an addiction, please be careful, but try out your local public radio station. Start on a Saturday with "Car Talk" or "Whattda you know." Work your way up to "Market Place" or "Morning Edition." From there, the world, err radio, is your oyster. Go explore the world that is public radio. There's so much to discover and one day, you may have a confession also.

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