Thursday, January 29, 2009

You can't win for losing

A few months ago MSN had a grabber story on how much it costs to lose 30 pounds. I read it and the first thought I had was that not only does it cost money to lose weight, but it costs a lot of money to gain it too. I'd hate to know how much, per pound, I've spent to gain weight. Sheesh, can you imagine knowing how much money you, personally, have forked over to Taco Bell, Wendy's, Coca Cola, Ben & Jerry's, the Mars company, etc? I for one don't want to even think about how much I've enriched the companies that have helped me gain weight. Now, I know it's not the companies fault. It's my own. I'm the only one who has decided to put their products in my mouth, but when I think about the amount I've paid to do it, I almost faint (hurry, someone get me a piece of chocolate). It takes a lot of resources to be a fat person in America. And then it takes even more resources to be a skinny person in America.

I have a real reason to write this post. It's time for me to stop personally funding whole fast food chains. This won't be easy, just look at my last post, but my waist and my checkbook need the break. It's time to eat more wisely and to exercise regularly. If I can pull this off, not only will my clothes fit again, but my budget may slim down too.

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