Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Yesterday I witnessed pure Evil. Every year at this time it lurks around every corner and in every shadow and once you see it, it's too late. This Evil will wrap it's Thin Mint selling tentacles around your checkbook and you will be helpless before it. The Evil appears in an innocent form, a young doe eyed girl in her crisp uniform. Don't be fooled she possesses a horrific temptation beyond the threshold of a mere mortals resistance. You will be overwhelmed with Samoa enticements and the persuasion of Tagalongs.

If you encounter one of these devotees of evil do your hips a favor and run the other way while you still can. DO NOT LOOK THE EVIL IN THE EYE, you'll never escape with your current figure. I can testify of the influential power these peddlers of cookie possess as I am a victim. I fought with all my might, but in the end she prevailed.

Cookies anyone??


Kayley said...

Oh my goodness! I laughed so hard when I read this!! You need a peephole in your door! I had to say no to a young man selling his carpet cleaning services just the other day. It helps if the innocent looking evilness has offended you in some way. The one that came to my door tried to joke with me that he "wasn't trying to convert me or anything like that."

I will watch for the cookie peddler! I like the direction I've been heading in!

Levi and Cassie Mallory Family said...

Hey Jessie,
I was accosted by the same evilness today at the elementary school. Isn't that supposed to be a place of innocence? I was able to quickly escape without succombing. Sorry you weren't so lucky ;)

Thomas Family said...

Damn those fresh-faced future model citizens and their cookies. They got to me yesterday.

Chantalita said...

So funny!! I just realized that although I had your blog linked to my blog, that I wasn't following it. I love it. Love the cupids especially!!