Saturday, September 27, 2008

I finally broke down and did it

After living in Nebraska for four full fall seasons, I broke down and went to a Husker game. When I moved to Nebraska and saw what a phenomenon the so called "Husker Nation" is here, I vowed I would never attend a Husker game in person. Well, I went and fell in love with an avid Husker fan, who happens to purchase season tickets every year, and my vow to stave off the Huskers was doomed. I've been teasing James for months that he'd never get me to a game, but my resolve melted and I attended my first Huskers Football game two weeks ago. And to top things off, he even got me to wear a red shirt.

I'd never admit it, but I had a pretty good time at the game. There was an energy at Memorial Stadium that can only be achieved by that many people being excited by an event. I did think it interesting that there were people from all walks of life there, from Justice Clarence Thomas, to small time corn farmers, to Larry the Cable Guy. It was a great time to people watch.

The best part of the game was to see James so excited. He was horse by the second half and even though he was totally into the game, he would take the time to explain things to me if I missed a play or didn't understand something. I think that shows the boy really loves me. I haven't met many men who will take time to explain football to the women in their lives.


Spacey Stacy said...

Good for you Jessie, Jer hates football, so I get to watch as much as I want when he is at work. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog, I know that I could ask you for help anytime, I just wanted to vent. Love Ya, Stacy

Kurt and Jasmine said...

Its nice to see you finally showing off your Nebraska pride! lol

Kurt and Jasmine said...

P.S I just read through the rest of your blog and I love the engagement story. The room looks beautiful. Can't wait for march!