Sunday, October 21, 2012

3 months!

Amelia is now 3 whole months old!! She now weighs almost 11 pounds. Almost double her birth weight in three short months. Goes to show that's she's a really good eater.

Amelia loves her Daddy and smiles whenever she sees him. She can be getting grumpy, but when Daddy walks by and smiles at her, she can't help but smile back.

This month she's learned to laugh when she's tickled. It's the sweetest belly laugh I've ever heard. The only problem is that she won't laugh when we're Skyping with Grammy and Poppy. I'm beginning to learn that she'll do things when she wants and not necessarily when Mommy wants her to. She's also starting to learn how to use her hands more and will grab at toys and Mommy's nose. She's becoming more and more alert every day and you can just see her learning new things every day. 

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