Sunday, September 9, 2012

Playing at the cabin

This year Labor Day Weekend once again brought the Holyoak Family Reunion. This year, James's parents decided to come home with us and brave the family reunion. I didn't get any pictures of either the big reunion or the Brother's reunion, but I did get some pictures of the family playing on the mountain.

Brina and Dodge looking cute while playing in the grass.
One great thing about our family is everyone's willingness to share anything. Randy got his hands on my Uncle Joe's four-wheeler and was able to ride it around all over the mountain. He and Judy had a grand time exploring and taking pictures.

Judy and Cheryl

Amelia got A LOT of attention while we were with my family. Since the last reunion, my parents have had five new babies added to their family. Even though we all have our own babies, we were constantly trading children and had a different baby in our arms all the time. And Grammy loved it! I was surprised that she didn't have two babies in her arms all weekend.

Amelia cuddling with her Grammy.

This year, we got to use the flush toilet that we started building last year. It was SO great to have an inside toilet  At first I was sad to stop using the outhouse, I thought it would take away from the rustic feeling in the cabin, but I changed my mind at 2:00 in the morning when I need to use the facilities and didn't have to hike down to the outhouse.
Nathan burying the leach line for the newly installed toilet. 
The first night we were at the cabin, we had all five of the new babies and my sister's three year old. It was one long night. No two babies cried at the same time, but there was at least one baby crying all night long. 

Each baby had their own pack and play set up in the cabin. That made things a little tight in the bedroom. When we went to bed all the babies were in their pack and play, but by the time we woke up in morning, every single baby had been pulled into bed with its parents. 

Our alarm clock was little Dodge. He woke us all up about 7:30 am. We weren't too happy about being woken, but Dodge was so happy to be awake that we couldn't be upset. He just sat there laughing and jabbering and just loving life.

Proof that babies can sleep at the cabin. 
One of the things that James likes best is shooting. This year, his parents got in on the action too.

Randy shooting a .22 rifle 

Judy trying out the .22

James sighting in the AR15

Me attempting to shoot straight with my Dad's .45

Randy trying to take out a small tree.

Alan showed us all how it's done.
We had a great time staying at the cabin this year and I'm so glad that we could share it with James's parents. I love the mountain and it was so hard to leave, but James has promised me that we'll spend a whole week up there next summer. I think I'll hold him to it.

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