Friday, April 6, 2012

Babymoon-Curacao continued

One of the attractions on the island that James and I wanted to see were the Hato Caves. We learned that the only people to inhabit the caves were runaway slaves and that the natives on the island were so superstitious that they never ventured inside (or at least they left no evidence of being there). We couldn't take many pictures of the caves, but here's a bit of what they looked like.

Outside the caves, you can see the limestone that once was coral and also can see what's left of native writings.

The rest of our stay on Curacao involved snorkeling, sunbathing, and eating (some good restaurants and some not so good). We visited at least seven different beaches and snorkeled at every one of them.

James and I LOVED Curacao and plan on going back (next year maybe?). The island isn't overly touristy, but it is open and friendly to tourists. Even though we don't speak Dutch or Spanish, we had no problems communicating with anyone. We had such a great time on the island and can't say enough wonderful things about it. In fact we loved it so much that we're trying to recruit others to come enjoy this amazing place with us. So, if you're up for some sun, sand, and surf, come along and discover one of the best kept secrets of the Caribbean.

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