Thursday, January 19, 2012


On the 6th of January, James had a total hip replacement. We were so excited for this surgery because of the pain it would relieve for James. It's amazing how one surgery can fix a lifetime of pain and suffering.

The day of the surgery, James was in a lot of pain and could barely sit up on the side of the bed, but by the second day, he was up and walking around.

James at his sexiest.
Two weeks later, James is doing awesome. He's still on the walker, but is becoming very proficient at daily tasks. He can even help with the dishes (my personal favorite) and is a master of the stairs.

I can already see vast improvements in James's gait and his pain level is down. I'm so excited for his full recovery. There will be so much he can do and experience that he's never been able to do. According to the Surgeon, he will even be able to ride a horse. I'm sure we can at least get him on one, but riding one may be a different obstacle.

James still has a long road to recovery. He'll start physical therapy soon and in about three months, he should be in tip top shape. But for now, the biggest obstacle is the boredom (There's only so much on daytime TV). But he's battling through that with the help of Netflix and Call of Duty. So, if you're ever up to whooping some poor rehabilitating guy on Call of Duty, give him a call. I'm sure he's up for the challenge and would love the company.

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