Sunday, July 3, 2011

Shakespeare on the Green

One of the best things about living in Omaha is this city's commitment to the arts. We have a state of the art concert hall, an amazing theater, an art museum with great exhibits, and tons of free activities which encourage everyone to enjoy the arts. One of those free activities is Shakespeare on the Green.

Every year Shakespeare Omaha puts on two plays and opens them to the general public. This year they are performing Hamlet and  A Midsummer's Night Dream. James and I both have a love for Hamlet, so we headed to Elmwood park to enjoy an evening with the Bard.

 We packed a packed a picnic and enjoyed a nice dinner together before the play.

 We took General, because we all know he needs a little more culture in his life. He was actually pretty good all night and only barked with another dog walked by or when people around the park started letting of firecrackers. I was proud that he was a good boy.
A view of the set before the play.

We enjoyed the play. It was pretty well done and James and I had fun pointing out times we believed they had edited the play (it only ran less than 2.5 hours). For the most part we just enjoyed being there. Hamlet is a perpetual favorite and it was fun to have a night out with my handsome husband.

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