Monday, October 4, 2010

Evil League of Evil

I never planned on becoming an evil genius, instead I kind of just stumbled across it. I always thought that I was on the side of good and that there wasn't a speck of evilness (let alone true evil genius) in me. But this weekend I discovered (to my bizarre liking) that I am indeed evil (Insert evil laugh here). And with my stunt this weekend, I'm a shoe in for the next member of the Evil League of Evil. I mean, it's so evil that my membership is practically cemented.

I know you're intrigued and can't possibly believe that I am now a certifiable evil genius. What could I have possibly done so villainous? Well take a gander at these little babies. . .

YES those are Nutella filled sweet rolls (Insert another evil laugh, slightly more evil than the last). I started out thinking that cinnamon rolls would be perfect for conference weekend when the evil inside of me took over and I came up with the idea for Nutella sweet rolls. And it was done. I became evil. No, not just evil, but evil enough to be rank and file with the Evil League of Evil. Oh and they are delectably malevolent. These little guys are criminally wicked. Mere mortals don't stand a chance against the iniquity that these (innocent looking) sweet rolls possess. And therein lies the genius. Nobody would think that simple sweet rolls of could wield such great power. And for every person that succumbs to this evil indulgence, my evil genius grows. So, come on over and try one----I dare you (Insert finale of all evil laughs).

1 comment:

Katie said...

Oh, MY. Jessie, those look AMAZING, and that does, indeed, make you evil. I will vote for you at the Evil League of Evil meeting tomorrow night. ...will you be bringing these Nutella rolls to the meeting?