Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

My birthday was on Monday and boy oh boy did James out do himself on the birthday stuff. I came home to find . . .

Yes, a piano. Okay, it's an electronic keyboard, but I love it nonetheless. I was not supposed to get a piano for my birthday. James had the day off and decided to go to Costco. He knows I've been coveting this keyboard for months and he went to look at it. Costco was turning over its stock for the new season and only had one keyboard left. It was the display model and was marked down $200.00. James knew that was a deal that he couldn't pass up and called me to make sure we have enough in the checking account. He bought it and brought it home and had it set up by the time I got off work. I'm still so excited to be able to have a piano in the house and have begun practicing again. I can't really play all that well, but hopefully it will come back a little and I'll be able to at least pick through the hymn book or play some primary songs.

James also took me out to dinner for my birthday and to Lowes. Romantic right? Okay, it was my idea. We want to put crown molding up in the front room and we needed an idea of how expensive it may be. We also looked at paint colors so that maybe, just maybe we can get rid of the horrendous blue and awful red in the living room and kitchen.

All in all, I had a great birthday and do need to thank my wonderful husband for surprising and spoiling me this year.


Marion said...

what a great birthday, happy happy to you!

Chantalita said...

Points for James. What a steal! Perfect for you future Mozart!!