Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Who carved my pumpkins?

They say homegrown is always better. I suppose that's what squirrels think too. Or at least that's what the evidence points to. BOTH my pumpkins (Or at least that seems to be the general consensus) got eaten by squirrels. It happens in the daytime, so it can't be raccoons or skunks, but I've come home and one by one my pumpkins are torn apart. The first one got the whole top tore off and now this one has those two small holes and a whole lot of mess.

The really amusing thing about my pumpkins is that they weren't carved, so it was harder for the little furry to eat the good stuff AND not one of my neighbor's pumpkins have been eaten. Neighbors on both sides have pumpkins in tact as do the neighbors across the street. The little furry bugger seems to prefer my homegrown pumpkin over the big store bought ones. Go figure.

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Katie said...

Squirrels need to GO. All of them. They eat my vegetables, and my succulent collection. If you find a way that I don't have to deal with them myself, but they go away, PLEASE let me know! Sorry about your pumpkins...