Monday, August 24, 2009

The ONE thing I love about Monday hearings

I know my life shouldn't revolve around food,
but the one thing that makes hearing days tolerable is that
every single Monday is
Oso Nacho day.
The corn chips,
two kinds of cheese,
grilled pork,
chipotle sour cream,
pico de gallo,
green sauce covered
make my hearing days
(which consist of me sitting in a stuffy
room at the federal building ALL DAY LONG)
absolutely delightful.


Jenette said...

Okay, that just makes me hungry! We need to tell Aunt Cheryl that next years family dinner needs to include these!

Bobbie Jean said...

Great now im hungry! way to go! lol jk but i have to admit it would make my day delightful too! Miss ya girl