Friday, July 31, 2009

Props to Ryan Reeder

James and I were surfing through You Tube tonight--pretty much doing nothing but watching pug videos, laughing at "Charlie bit me" and "David after the dentist." I decided that I needed to show James a scene from "The Work and the Story," you know the one--the only good one--where the final scene from the Book of Mormon is enacted with eggs. Great scene.

I couldn't find the scene I was looking for, but I did find Ryan Reeder's You Tube channel. At first I just had to laugh at it. Knowing Ryan, somehow, made it seem absurd and comical. But as we looked closer and listened to his messages, I have to say, it's very touching. Ryan has recorded himself reading the entire Book of Mormon and has recorded his testimony. It takes a lot of dedication to sit down and read the entire book and a lot more devotion to post it to You Tube for the whole world to see. He's taken the challenge to use new media to spread the gospel and I'm wholly impressed by his efforts.

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